Expression Blend: A Tool Every Microsoft Developer Must Have

Expression Blend: A Tool Every Microsoft Developer Must Have

I have been working with Express Blend since day 1 now and finally, it is reaching at the point where Blend looks like a good product every developer should have in his/her arsenal. Version 1 was so bad and the only reason, I would use is to generate XAML code for my WPF and Silverlight applications. If you have not looked at Expression Blend yet, check out Getting Started with Expression Blend 4.

Today, Blend is at the point where if you are a Microsoft developer, perhaps, you should look into this. This is probably one of the most productive tools you will find in your arsenal.

So what makes Expression Blend so important now?

Well, with the recent launch of Windows Phone and now announcements of Mango, Silverlight 5 Beta and Expression Studio 5 Preview, Blend has become even more vital part of MS development than ever before. If you have worked or planning to work on WPF or Silverlight, Blend can really save you some serious time and speed up your development during the user interface designs.

Microsoft Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5

With integration with Visual Studio 2010, it makes is just another tool in Visual Studio. 

Check out some useful resources on Expression Studio on C# Corner.

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