File Manager in C#

File Manager

File manager is an application that sorts the users file from the system into the proper directory.

The user selects the directory and the files in the directory are listed in the respected ListBoxes. As soon as the user clicks the file the file is moved into the subdiretory (created within the directory) created by the name of extension of the file.

How to use

  1. Browse for the required directory
  2. Select the folder containing the file(s) which you want to manage
  3. File(s) of different types are listed in their respective columns
  4. Click on the required file(s) to manage
  5. Close the application [File Manager]
  6. Open the required directory
  7. File(s) are sorted according to their type and are listed in their respective folders


The File Manager can manage 41 types of different files. Additionally it gives user the number of files and folders of the browsed directory.

  • For source code and working executable check source code.
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