FlipView Control for Windows 10

Flipview represents an item control that displays one item at a time, and enables "flip" behavior for traversing its collection of items.

Step 1: Open a blank app and add a Flipview control with some images either from the toolbox or by copying the following XAML code into your grid. ( If you are copy pasting the code you hve to add images to your assets folder and change the name accordingly)

  1. <FlipView x:Name="myFlipview">  
  2.     <Image Source="/Assets/image1.jpg" Stretch="Uniform" />  
  3.     <Image Source="/Assets/image2.jpg" Stretch="Uniform" />  
  4.     <Image Source="/Assets/image3.jpg" Stretch="Uniform" />  
  5.     <Image Source="/Assets/image4.jpg" Stretch="Uniform" />  
  6.     <Image Source="/Assets/image5.jpg" Stretch="Uniform" />  
  7.     <Image Source="/Assets/image6.jpg" Stretch="Uniform" />  
  8. </FlipView>   

Use a FlipView to present a collection of items that the user views sequentially, one at a time. It's useful for displaying a gallery of images or the pages of a magazine.

Step 2 :
Run and test your application.
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