Given String Display From Dialogue Box Using ASP.NET .aspx

Step 1

Open Visual Studio. I have visual studio 2017. Enter price, click file, select new layer, then click web sites

Step 2

Select C# languages  then select ASP.NET Empty web sites then Web location file system. Create your  project name as  I have displayed, then finally click ok. 

Step 3

Create your project

Step 4

Select display > add >add new items just click it

Step 5

Click give a visual C# then selected on web form application. Rename for give_text_view.aspx

Step 6

View given “give_text_view.aspx” html codes then click design button to pass on designer view

Step 7

Select tool box

Step 8

Click label box and then drag and drop this label box

Step 9

View properties box selected here, then view the property box.

Step 10

Label text  "type your string ”

Step 11

View on the ID for Label1

step 12

Select the TextBox from toolbox

step 13

View text box ID means: TextBox1.

Step 14

Again add to a label box on broad

Step 15

Show for ID Label2 then: Results given string here!!!

Step 16

Next step for adding to the button control text change for Click me!!! ID means button1

Step 17

Show your .cs file select the area

Step 18

Select given area to implement the code give below


string a = TextBox1.Text;
Label2.Text = a;

Step 19

Select your browser click here success full on to open the browser for your designer file

I type for mic to result for the label box 2 view (mic)àgiven typing strings

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