How To Edit Web Part In SharePoint Online Office 365

In this blog, let's see how to edit a web part in Office 365.

First of all, sign into Office365, as shown below.

Enter your credentials to log into the Office365 Project site. After successfully logging in, you will see the below screen as a landing page.

Now, click on Home Menu as shown below,

A list of items will be displayed.

Select Project.

When you click on Project, you can see Project online landing page which is PWA (Project Web App) site, as shown below.

Click on any project from the list and edit the project page.

Then, click on Edit page, to edit the Project Details web part.

Then, you can edit the web part page, as shown below.

Select Edit web part as shown above.

Click on Modify to add or remove the fields.

In this case, we shall remove owner from right to left box. To do so, use arrow buttons shown in the middle.

Now, the owner is moved from right to left. Go and save the changes by clicking OK.

Now, let's verify whether the owner field is removed from the project details pages or not.

Yes, we don’t find owner field in the detail page, hence it is removed.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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