Install Ajax control Toolkit in Visual Studio 2008

Install Ajax control toolkit in Visual Studio 2008

  1. Go to this Ajax control toolkit website link  and download the latest version of the Ajax control toolkit.
  2. You will get one zip file extract that zip file. Open the folder and check for the AJAX controls toolkit dll (AjaxControlToolkit.dll).


  3. Take the path of the file and open visual studio.
  4. Create and empty website.
  5. Open Toolbox (Go to View > Toolbox).


  6. Right click on empty space and choose Add Tab.


  7. Give the name to the new tab (Ex: Ajax Controls)
  8. Right click on Ajax Controls Tab and select Choose items….


  9. Choose Toolbox Items window will open. Click on the Browse button.


  10. Go the AjaxControlToolkit.dll file path and select the AjaxControlToolkit.dll file and click on Open button. Then click on Ok button in Choose Toolbox Items window.


  11. The Ajax controls will be added successfully to your Visual Studio under the Ajax Controls tab in toolbox tabs.

  12. You can use these Ajax Controls in your website. 

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