Introducing The .NET API Browser

Microsoft has launched .NET API Browser as a part of its effort to provide a unified.NET reference experience on
It is a way to standardize how the developers can document, discover and navigate .NET APIs at Microsoft website.
.NET API Browser can be reached at
You can have a first look below.

If you expandAll API's lookup, then you can see the list of all Microsoft APIs; you can select from.
At the bottom of the API Browser, there are some mainly used APIs already listed under Quick Filters. You can click any of them to quickly navigate to API's documentation.

Once you select any APIs name from the dropdown, then you will see another dropdown with further selection for API version.

Once you select any API (click on the API name under name" column), you will be shown the documentation of that API with its definition, classes, structs and interfaces.

You can change the namespace and API version from the same page, using the dropdowns on the left top side.

You can also change the language and theme from the top right side.

There are two theme selections available,


In the months to come, Microsoft is going to add more SDKs to this experience. I am missing Office 365 and Microsoft Graph APIs reference here and I hope, it will be added by Microsoft in near future.
Now, go to .NET API Browser and explore some documentation.
Happy learning.
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