It’s about time to dump Gmail for Hotmail

It's about time to dump Gmail for Hotmail

It seems like Gmail product team is missing the big picture. Google is focusing on so many new products starting from Google+ to Android but they are missing the big picture. They can't get their Gmail product to the quality where business users can take it seriously. They can't even fix the minor user experience issues that everybody is frustrated with.

Here is a list of major issues I found annoying in Gmail.

  • Search is horrible.
  • Compose message can't show me names. I still have to figure out the person's email.
  • Gmail setup within Outlook is very slow and it takes forever to delete and move items.
  • Message thread is confusing and non-secure. Sometimes I am afraid of forwarding a message to the wrong person in the thread.
  • Interface is crappy. Google has everything in Gmail including Google+, Google Chat, Who is online. I just want a cleaner and clear interface for my mails.
  • Also, let's not forget that Gmail is tracking my emails and forcing me to signup for Google+ without asking my permission.
  • I also see ads that are related to my emails.
  • UI looks crap too. They have not upgraded UI for a while. Every new website is coming with stunning UIs and they are still living in 1999.

That's all no good.

I am planning to move to Microsoft's Hotmail. It makes sense now. New Hotmail interface is being built in metro style and now I am working with Windows 8, building Metro style apps. It totally makes sense for me to move to Hotmail.

Now with Windows 8 in picture, Microsoft buying Skype, launching SkyDrive, all Tablet manufactures building Windows 8 tablets, and Xbox is connecting with SkyDrive all makes sense for me to become all Microsoft. My new email will be integrated with Windows 8 that I can access from any device including my TV, Xbox, Windows 8 Tablet and PC.

Today, there are three non-Microsoft products I use frequently – iPhone, iPad and Gmail. I do not have any plan to give up on iPhone and iPad but I certainly am thinking about moving my Gmail to Hotmail.

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