MEA Windows Phone Camp and Photos :)

You guys know, I was at the MEA Windows Phone Camp in Istanbul took place in Microsoft Turkey Office. The first day of the event was for showing what you can do with Windows Phone 7 and Learning Silverlight Development phase. But the second day everyone there had their Visual Studio 2010 opened, coding some app for the camp competition.

I, too joined the coding and built a nice application that impressed some of my friends.

By joining the camp,you're getting free 100$ Marketplace Coupon :) That was the killer move from Microsoft to motivate developers for developing and showcasing applications on Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.Currently I am waiting approval for 5 apps of mine. Yeah that's true you hear me right.I developed 5 apps in 38 hours(including sleeping hours +10 hours ).After approved they will be ready for download internationally :) And there is a competition,one who publishes according to the rules of Marketplace will get  Nokia Lumia 800 as a reward :) I just love Microsoft :D

I will be writing an article how development phases goes on and preparing your app for publishing on the Marketplace with tips and tricks what I've learned from the camp :) 

Now I am all shut up and leaving you with the event photos :)

That's me :D


The room


One of my nicest friends Sel├žuk(the left one) and Sefa(right one) while fastcoding :)


My ex-boss Murat while working for a music company.We've met on the event suprisingly :)


Thats all! Now your comments :)
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