Overview Of Service Bus In Azure

What is Enterprise Integration?

Enterprise Integration is a package available in Microsoft Cloud solutions, which provides business-to-business communications. The box uses business protocols with AS2, X12, and EDIFACT to share messages.

If you are using a BizTalk Service, you can easily find the integration features. These integration features allow us to create, deploy, and maintain business-to-business Applications. This integration is used to store the certificates, schemas, and data flow.

Finally, this integration is used in logical apps for converting the applications into business applications.

Benefits of Enterprise Integration

Azure functions are easily implemented.

An enterprise application is used to build business to business applications and easily integrates with third party applications.

Credentials such as certificates, schemas, and data flows are stored in one place.

What is Service Bus?

Service Bus is a feature in Enterprise integration, which is a cloud used for creating a cloud for messaging as a service, and finally, we are creating a hybrid integration for decoupling Applications.

Some requirements of Enterprise Integrations are given below.

  • Azure Account
Let’s get started.

Once dashboard appears, click New >> Enterprise Integration >> Service Bus.


Now, the create namespace window appears. Fill in all the mandatory fields such as Name, Pricing Tier, Subscription, resource group, and location.

  • Name- Provide the name of the Service Bus, but it should be a valid one.
  • Pricing based on your needs- Choose pricing; available pricing tiers are basic and standard.
  • Subscription- Choose your default subscription.
  • Resource Group- Choose your resource group in which you need to deploy your Service Bus.
  • Location- Select your location as Western U.S.

Tick Pin dashboard checkbox.


Click create the button to create an account.

It takes some time to create an account. Finally, it deployed successfully.


In this blog, we have created Service Bus in Enterprise Integration, which has been successfully created. Thanks for reading.
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