Resolve "Low Memory Detected Full Solution Analysis Disabled for this Solution"

In this blog, we will look into resolving issue “Resolve Low memory detected. Full solution analysis disabled for this solution” in Visual Studio 2015. This error may occur after Update 2 installation of VS 2015 (or) your solution contains huge number of projects. To resolve this issue, one workaround is to disable full solution analysis or disable Codelens (which does lot of heavy lifting in background for building Show References)

We can disable “Enable full solution analysis” by going to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> C# -> Advanced as shown below:


In certain cases, disabling code lens by going to Tools--> Options --> Text Editor --> All Languages --> CodeLens may help:


For more details on this issue, please refer here.

I am ending the things here, I hope this blog will be helpful for all.

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