Retrieve fonts installed on the system

About Classes used -

  1. An object of InstalledFontCollection class looks for fonts installed in Windows before the object is created.
  2. This FontFamily class encapsulates a set of fonts that make up a font family.

A font family is a group of fonts that have the same typeface but different styles.

Here I implemented the Code for retrieving the fonts installed on the System.

The Code:

1. Put the following code at OnClick Event of the Combobox control to fetch the fonts into it.

private void cbSelectFont_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //retrieves fonts collection on the system

 (InstalledFontCollection ff = new InstalledFontCollection())
 (FontFamily item in ff.Families) //retrieves font families



Listing 1

2. (Optional) Now you can apply these fonts for other control(s) also. (Here I used it for a Label Control)

3. Now execute the Application and see the result (Figure 1).

Intended Result:

New Picture.png

Figure 1


In this piece of writing, we have seen how to retrieve the installed fonts of the system using C# Language.

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