Select Query on DataTable for filtering Data Using LINQ

I go through lots of site for select query on DataTable. But most of the time I did not get a suitable solution. So, at last I use linq to filter data from datatable. So I share my code below:-

DataTable dt = new DataTable();

 string sqlStatement1 = "select * from hsswith_view where cp_amount<='" + bug_amount + "' and no_of_days >='" + no_of_days + "'  or ep_amount<='" + bug_amount + "' and no_of_days >='" + no_of_days + "'";

 SqlCommand sqlCmd1 = new SqlCommand(sqlStatement1,connection);                                                                SqlDataAdapter sqlDa1 = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlCmd1);

            var query = from r in dt1.AsEnumerable()
                        where r.Field<string>("pax") == no_person



                            entry_id = r["entry_id"].ToString(),

                            pax = r["pax"].ToString(),
                            package = r["package"].ToString(),
                            no_of_days = r["no_of_days"].ToString(),
                            cp_amount = r["cp_amount"].ToString(),
                            ep_amount = r["ep_amount"].ToString()


            GridView1.DataSource = query;


First of all I select data using one select query and fill it at datatable(dt1). Now I write linq query to extract data from dt1 DataTable and bind the values at GridView. These much.

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