SharePoint 2016 - Part Four - Apply CU3 To Workflow Manager 1.0 CU2

The previous parts of the series are:

Now, we will install CU 3 for WorkFlow Manager 1.0 Refresh (CU2), using the Web Platform Installer 5.0.

  • Make sure you  log in with your install account that has the right permissions to install the Workflow Manager’s CU.

  • Go to "Start" and from top right, click on "Search" icon.

  • Type "Web PlatForm Installer" in the Search Box and click it.


  • It will load the Web Platform Installer like this.


  • On this page, type Workflow Manager on the top right search bar.


  • Click "Add Workflow Manager 1.0 Cumulative Update 3" and then click Install.


  • Wait for the installation to be completed.


  • Click Finish.


At this stage, we have successfully installed the Workflow Manager 1.0 Refresh (CU2) along with the CU3 using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 5.0. After this, we have to configure the Workflow Manager farm, which is described in the next part of the article.

Keep reading and enjoy learning.

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