Silverlight Bugs and Workarounds for them

One of my favorite sayings is " Trust in God but lock your car." Faith can move mountains but it need not be blind and foolish. It would do well to have faith but be sensible at the same time.

While we are all enthusiastic about the newest release of Silverlight, Silverlight 2, we must also be realistic enough to accept that like any other software product, this too may have its fair share of bugs and issues. Luckily for us, the Silverlight and Microsoft people are well aware of this and are already working on finding fixes to those bugs. Meanwhile, you can keep track of the bugs found so far and the workarounds for them.

And despite these bugs (which anyway haven't *my* work until now), I would still say that Silverlight is a revolutionary product and look forward to discovering more about it. Like I said, trust in God but lock your car! :)

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