The "ResolveLibraryProjectImports" Task Failed Unexpectedly

This is the most common error in Xamarin ,so if you are facing ResolveLibraryProjectImports task failed unexpectedly go through the  following solutions to fix it

Solution 1

Move your Project to Root Directory
Clean & Rebuild

Solution 2:

Make sure there are no spaces in the name of Solution Folder 

Solution 3
  1. Restart Visual Studio
  2. Open the Project
  3. Clean the solution
  4. Rebuild the solution
  5. Close solution
  6. Reopen the project
Solution 4

Delete .suo file which in your solution folder for this you need to show all files options (basically this is a hidden file) 

Solution 5

Exclude and Include Resources Folder in Android Project if you are working on Android Project 

Solution 6

Edit .csproj File add this property


Solution 7

Try excluding and including files which you added recently to project

Solution 8

Make sure your Xamarin Forms is up to date 

Solution 9

Restart Visual Studio in Admin Mode 
Solution 10
Cloase Visual Studio ->Delete Packages Folder Completely  from solution(open through FileExplorer) and rebuild
Solution 11
Try to Downgrade Android Support Packages and Rebuild

Common Solutions

Delete and Add References which you find suspicious (due to dependency), Delete all the bin and obj folders from your project directories.
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