Use Class Library as BLL, BO and DAL Layers

Intro:  This is small article is base on class library. In this article I will tell you how use class library as a BLL,BO and DLL and how use them by add references.

First add an new project (ASP.NET web app.)

Now add three solution folders as BLL, BO and DLL by right clicking on solution, you can see in the image.

now right click on the BO folder and follow the image.



We have added Class library with name:- BusinessObjects.

Now right click on BusinessObjects Class library and add your classes.

By follow same steps you can create BLL and DAL.


Build your BusinessObject :- Right click on BusinessObject and click on buil.

Now for add BusinessObject ref. in BusinessLogicLayer.

Follow the following image


References added


Now add nemspaces

Now you can use Business object classes and DataAccessLayer Classes.

see in the following image


Now what is in your mind?

how use this BusinessLogicLayer in our real application.

am I right?

For this you need to build BusinessLogicLayer by simple right click on it and click on build.

Now add reference of BusinessLogicLayer in your real app. (eg. [right click on referenes and now click on add ref.] see above step for add ref.

Now add namespace.

you can take the help form the following image.



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