Using Facebook’s Rebound Spring Animations for Android in Xamarin.Android & other Dot Net Projects

Hi Friends,

After being frustrated from the lake of good animation libraries in Xamarin.Android I came across this amazing library called Rebound from Facebook guys. If you have seen the Facebook Android or IOS app, you may remember that it has a nice chat bubble feature that you can drag anywhere on the screen.

Well they have done this using this Rebound library. The library is pretty basic & easy to use & it is not a predefined set of Animations that you can use out of the box. But it does allow you to simulate natural Spring Dynamics which you can play with to create some awesome real world & very powerful animations in your project.
Since we are mostly working on Xamarin & there was no port of Rebound available for it, we decided to create one ourselves.

All the source code is public & is available in Github. So don’t wait grab a copy, check some basic animations we have done (We have also simulated the Facebook Chat Bubble animation & it’s also available in the sample. Thanks to @pskink for his awesome code that we used to simulate facebook’s chat bubble feature)

Go ahead, play with it & don’t forget to share any cool animations you come up with using this.



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