Why am I Passionate about C-SharpCorner?

I am a member of C-Sharpcorner from the past 4 years. I enjoyed being with like-minded people. I would like to pen down the good qualities that make C-Sharpcorner the most admired .Net community.

Positive People Around

Starting from the founder, leaders, editors, authors, readers we can experience the positive & motivating culture at c-sharpcorner.com.

I started my writing 4 years back after meeting Dhananjay Kumar. His passion for programming made me realized my passion. I is definitely he is an inspiration to many.

I believe positive environment works well in the long run as compared to stress or pain in short.

Equal Growth for Beginners

Here, at C- SharpCorner, the editors are supportive and provide equal opportunity to beginners as well as experienced authors to learn, improve and grow in their career.

They make grammatical & formatting improvements in an article to make it more appealing, which later gives them another stepping stone to become the next MVP.

New authors gets motivated when top leaders recognize their articles.

Active with Change

C-Sharpcorner has enabled me to connect with passionate techies of the industry. Naming few are Dhananjay Kumar, Vidya Vrat Agarwal, Vijai Anand, Karthikeyan Anbarasan, Destin Joy etc.

Connecting & following them keeps me update about the latest and important information which makes the whole learning process easier.

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting is a thoughtful strategy of C-Sharpcorner to expand offline events. More reach, more authors, more serving is gained in this way. I can see the enthusiasm of the participants at chapter meetings & hope to attend one.

Right now I am enjoying conducting online chapter meetings & wish to serve more topics like career, financial sessions that would help our software engineers – the people we like the most.

Taking Extra Care for Authors

Few times I have interacted with Mahesh Chand, the founder of C# Corner. I remember his passion while providing US VISA opportunities to C-Sharpcorner authors. He is definitely a person who cares for the community members.

Mahesh Chand is an experienced professional who has witnessed the ups and downs of this industry. His words and advices are worth to implement. Many times I have heard people saying, “Be with good people and good things will happen to you”, but never really bothered to give a concern. I though started believing it when I saw Mahesh Chand repeating the same words. I then implemented it in my real life. It happens due to the leadership quality that he possesses.


The secret behind the success of C- Sharpcorner is its passionate leaders and positive work environment. I am enjoying growing along with C-Sharpcorner. I wish good luck to C-Sharpcorner to reach to more people, serve the best and evolve as an international community.