Wiki-OS; Open-Source Silverlight Operating System

Wiki-OS is the only open-source web OS (online operating system) where anyone can contribute right away like a wiki.

It lets you:
  • Launch applications without installation (in a secure sandbox)
  • See how applications work by clicking their Edit Source button
  • Develop new applications right away from the browser
  • Start developing an application and let the community finish it
  • Copy/paste source code from other apps or quickly reuse components
  • Share applications by embedding them into web pages
  • Mac OS users can write C# / .NET / Silverlight applications without a PC
What's unique about it is that it is completely user-generated and developed like Wikipedia! Every application has an “Edit” button that allow to immediately see the source code of the application (this is very useful for beginners to learn Silverlight!) and people can also modify the code by using the build-in online IDE! When someone makes a change, the changes are automatically reflected in real-time to all users! (like wikipedia)

Watch a 40-second overview:

And here's some screenshots:


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