Work Life Balance of Software Developer

In India Software Developers life are not a good social life their life are meaningless and working as a machine, finally fall in their social and family life .They are spending more time in office only.

  • Work is always not ending process.
  • Interest of your boss and client is important so it is your family and friends.
  • If you fall in your social and family life your boss or client will not offer you a helping hand but your family and friends will be a helping hand.
  • Life is not only work and office there is more to life so every developers spend their time to socialize ,entertain and relax.
  • Don’t live be meaningless. Those who doesn’t spent time for exercise will lose their healthy life.
  • A Developer who leave office late is not a hardworking person. He is a fool who doesn’t know how to manage work within time.
  • If someone forces you to work late he may be ineffective and have meaningless life.
  • Always try to complete the task on time and leave the office on time.

Figure 1
Balance Your Life

Leaving Office on Time

  • Efficient Time
  • Good Social life
  • Quality Family Life
  • Meaningful Life

Leaving Office Late

  • Inefficient Time
  • No Social Life
  • Less Family Life
  • Meaningless Life


Everything is important in human life sleeping, eating, outing, working, etc…, but in average. So keep balance in your work that you do in your everyday life.