Programming Dictionary in C#

Mahesh Chand

This free book courtesy C# Corner and Mindcracker Network is all about how to use a dictionary in C#.

  • Published on Jun 20 2012
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A dictionary type represents a collection of keys and values pair of data.
The Dictionary class defined in the System.Collections.Generic namespace is a generic class and can store any data types in a form of keys and values. Each key must be unique in the collection. Before you use the Dictionary class in your code, you must import the System.Collections.Generic namespace.
Topics covered in this book
  • What is Dictionary
  • How to define and create a Dictionary
  • How to add items to a Dictionary
  • How to remove all or a single item from the Dictionary
  • How to loop through all items in a Dictionary
  • How to find a key or a value in a Dictionary
  • How to read all keys in a Dictionary
  • How to read all values in a Dictionary