The SOLID Principles

Gaurav Kumar Arora

This book is written for the beginners who are thinking to start learning SOLID Principles.

  • Published on Jan 29 2015
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Table of Contents

  • Myths related to SOLID
    • I know OOP so why do I need to learn S.O.L.I.D?
    • I know Design Patterns so why do I need to learn S.O.L.I.D?
    • SOLID Principles are only applicable to .NET/C# and not for Java
    • As an Architect, do I really need to care about S.O.L.I.D?
    • I am working in maintenance project, why do I care about S.O.L.I.D?
  • Introduction
    • Defining S.O.L.I.D
    • Briefing Single responsibility principle (SRP)
    • Learning Open/closed principle (OCP)
    • Learning Liskov substitution principle (LSP)
    • Learning Interface segregation principle (ISP)
    • Learning Dependency inversion principle (DIP)
  • Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)
  • Open/Closed Principle (OCP)
  • Liskov substitution principle (LSP)
    • How to implement LISCOV principle?
    • Why did we implement IRule?
  • Interface segregation principle (ISP)
  • Dependency inversion principle (DIP)
    • Now what?
  • References