ASE decryption & MD5 hash

Sup j

Sup j

Feb 21 2008 9:15 PM


I need a solution for the problem i am having in ASE decryption.

in my Querystring I am exepcting 4 parameters - Param1, Param2, Param3, Param4

Param1,Param2 - Are normal parameters which i will be using
Param3 -  ASE Encrypted data
Param4 - MD5 hash value

I dont have much knowledge about ASE encryption.
Only infomation I got from MSDN is about Machine-key config settings


I am not getting how i will be applying ASE decryption for my 3rd parameter and MD5 hash for 4th parameter in my URL

Can someone provide me any help about -

Decrypting the 3rd parameter
and how to deal with hash value i will be getting.

Thanks in advance.

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