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C# Windows application - run at client but database at webse

Jan 24 2017 6:30 PM

I have a windows database application in c#. Database is sql server. It has 4 layers 1. UI Layer 2. BLL 3. DAL 4. Data Models

My client has 3 branches in different locations. So, I want to host the database at a web server and install windows application at clients multiple branches. I know, windows applications are run at client while web application is run at server. So, to achieve the above, i know that some rework is required in my windows application design, like, - using json for fetching and sending data to/from server etc. No i am fetching all required data in each form's load event. suppose 5 combobox are to be filled with data, 5 different datatables are being created and used as datasource of each combobox, while if the data is from web server, this approach may affect the performance of the application (i guess). so need to fetch all necessary data for a form at one time (i guess).

These are my doubts and blank ares. Any experts detailed advise is highly appreciated in this regard so that i can dig into it and move on.

After doing this, my plan is to develop a parallel web UI and some android modules for this application. I heard RESTful web api can be helpful for this.

pls give your expert opinion.

Thanks in advance Jim

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