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naem name

naem name

Feb 15 2017 2:11 AM
Hi all,
I am planning to design a SQL injection scanner.
For that purpose am planning to have a crawler.
The user should provide the URL of a particular website (as in the picture).
The crawler should be able to crawl the website based on the url.
I only want the crawler to crawl the url for HTTP Post requests.
What I want to ultimately achieve is that I get the crawler to return a results with HTTP Post and HTTP GET requests only, so that I perform the SQL test on the returned results only.
Plus, what if the website have links to facebook for example, won't this take much time of the crawling process?
What I really want to know is the following:
1. How to crawl a website for HTTP GET and HTTP Post requests only
2. How to filter the above mentioned requests
3. how to parse their parameters (HTTP GET and POST parameters)
2. Where to store the returned results (i want to store the return results so that I perform an SQL injection test on them)
I am using C# winfroms vs 2013. 
Please give me guidlines on how best to do that.
thanks in advance, 

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