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Data export and import from C# to tally and tally to C#

Apr 23 2016 9:53 AM
Hi all,

i create one application for my user but he want some modification in that he said me i have to enter double entry in your application and tally also , so please create something like in your application so my double work is decrease , frankly speak i have 0 knowledge of tally and for my THAT application i used Access database but know he said he can be able to do import data from my application or export data by tally , even i dont know how many form should i create how that form entry will automatically save into tally if he export some csv into tally that should inserted into my application so this much point he suggested me the lack of tally knowledge i couldnt do it anything some i search using xml it can be possible but its for not for so request you all if you have little knowledge can you share with me , if possible

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