Dealing with Management People (Boss and HR)

Riddhi Valecha

Riddhi Valecha

Jan 31 2015 5:36 AM
Hi all...

Can anyone give some tips / ways to deal with boss and the HR Persons....
Please help..
Many are facing issues with these things..

Examples -

1. I want to get out of a project, but I cannot directly say this to my boss, as the impression goes down.
I want him to remove me out of this project.
This project is assigned to 3 persons... But, even 1 person can alone do it.
2. One employee got a call from his home that his grandfather expired. So, he was required there. The HR (Female) told him that if he took leaves, he will not get his 2 months salary.
In short.... How to deal with such people and in such situations...