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How to add the two different dataset into one dataset and bind the final dataset to the data list.

Aug 22 2010 1:47 AM
Hi All,

I have two dataset ds1 and ds2. Dataset ds1 have columns-"id","title" and ds2 have columns "id" and "timediff". I have to add these two dataset into ine and bind it to datalist which has columns "id",'title","timediff".

i merge the two dataset into one with the query


this will create two diff datatable in ds. When i bind it two datalist, it does not bind "timediff".

Mycode is below

The XMl which i convert into ds2


by using

strMyXml = "<Auction><AuctionTime><id>7</id><timeDiff>0.12:13:32</timeDiff></AuctionTime><AuctionTime><id>8</id><timeDiff>0.3:53:41</timeDiff></AuctionTime><AuctionTime><id>9</id><timeDiff>8.1:43:40</timeDiff></AuctionTime></Auction>";

XmlDocument xDoc = new XmlDocument();

//    //Here the XML is prepared and loaded in XML DOM.


  ////=====================read XML===========================//
                    DataSet ds2= new DataSet();
                    ds1.Merge(ds2);//merge two dataset

when i bind ds1 to data list it only bind first datatable not of second.

If anyone have the solution tell me.

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