How to upload file to OneDrive through console app?

tejas shah

tejas shah

Sep 3 2014 7:36 AM

I am trying to upload a file to OneDrive from within console app. I tried following things so far:

1) Used SkyDrive .NET api client. I read on some post that it has stopped working since OneDrive .NET api was released. SkyDrive .NET api is throwing strange exceptions while trying to upload.

2) After digging a bit into Google I found Live SDK but I couldn't find any article demonstrating file upload using Live SDK for non-store or non-mobile app. Also I couldn't figure out whether OneDrive file upload is possible in plain console app. I've gone through some code snippets demonstrating how to Live SDK to upload file but it seems that these codes will work for Windows Phone and not for console app since there is no username and password in those codes.

Is there any good resource explaining how to it for console app using OneDrive SDK? Thanking in anticipation.

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