Implementing WPF

vaibhav yadav

vaibhav yadav

Oct 17 2011 4:43 PM
I am new to this forum and also new to WPF. But upon reading several articles and forums on WPF is sounds really promising but I am not sure if it can help my case as i am still learning about .NET framework and WPF. Below is a short description of my current situation, I am hoping to implement WPF based form as a source of data input and phase out MS Access. Any thoughts?

Currently I am using MS Access as our front-end for data input. I either manually enter data in Access tables or copy paste data from MS Excel to MS Access tables that is connected to SQL Server which has our stored procedures and runs all the calculations. I am using Crystal Reports as our reporting tool. The current  problem is that MS Access as front-end is not very intuitive for me personally and for others who wish to use this application setup. Not to mention that there are no validation checks that warns the user of incorrect data input into Access table.

I am looking for options maybe build something on Access that can take multiple records at once or create a new standalone or web based application using WPF or other products.


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