Linq 'IN' function and string between data range

David Smith

David Smith

Apr 24 2012 1:00 PM
how to produce the SQL 'IN' function in the Linq below, then upon the return dataset how to produce the in between data range which is a string value from the dataset.

I want to express logic below in linq 

 where serialList IN ('serial1', 'serial2', 'serial')

I want to express logic below in linq also for dataFileWriteTime

where dataFileWriteTime >= ''' +
     @StartDate + ''' AND dataFileWriteTime <= ''' + @EndDate + ''''

LINQ EXAMPLE: I want to add the above logic to the linq below. Can someone assist me.

var  ReportList = (from l in ExampleTable.Enumerable()
                                                            where l["TEST_SET_IDENTIFICATION"] == testIdentificationList &&
                                                            l["SERIAL_NUMBER"] == serialList &&
                                                            l["DATA_WRITE_TIME"] == dateWriteTime &&
                                                            select l).ToList();

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