Praveen Moosad

Praveen Moosad

May 14 2011 5:19 AM
Recently I got a chance to go through two books from Mike Murach & Associates. They were:
  • ASP.NET 4 Web Programming with C# 2010
  • ADO.NET 4 Database Programming with C# 2010 
What I like about this books:

Awesome! Just single word needed to describe about this book.

Any day, it is best book for reference for developers. It covers the main essence of ASP.NET web programming: developing one page web application, developing multi-page web application, testing and debugging an ASP.NET application, and a crash course in HTML and CSS. Mainly the way it is distributed in sections. It starts with the most basic things in web development to more complex things. I really like the topic on "how to use AJAX to improve performance". It provides skills to be a professional ASP.NET developer like securing web application and authenticate users, deploying web applications, and more.  The book also has some insight on how to develop WCF services that can be hosted by a web server and accessed by application running on any platform. 

The final verdict: Must Buy. The book is useful for both beginners as well as professionals. The book is easy to understand and will certainly expedite the learning process of every person who wants to be a professional ASP.NET developer. Highly recommended.

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