Please somebody help me with coding.

India Programmer

India Programmer

Sep 20 2010 7:42 AM

Hi all expert,

I am displaying customer balance details in datagrid in C# windows application. In textbox I have kept customer number, name, and original balance amount. And in data grid I kept check box as select, remaining amount, paying amount field.

Functionality description:

Initially original balance amount (text field) and remaining amount (datagrid field ) are filled with values. For example:

1) Initially suppose Original balance amount is 9000. Remaining amount field(datagrid field) value is 300. If in this case user select the check box from data grid. This 300 values will be moved to paying amount field of datagrid and this will be deducted from the original balance amount i.e. 9000-300=8700. And in second row of data grid field remaining amount value is 10000, in this case if user select the check box paying amount field value will be 8700, remaining amount field value will be 1300(1000-8700), and original balance amount (in text box)will be 0 (300+8700=900). Addition of paying amount should not cross the original amount balance amount. After that if user try to select the check box he will get message like you cannot select.

2)The same reverse way it should work like when user uncheck the selected check box the paying amount value will be 0 that values will be passed to remaining amount field. And the Original balance amount (textbox field)will be increased.

Pls somebody help with coding..how can I do this…pls……pls…pls……


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