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Please suggest Good books on windows service and alternative

Feb 1 2014 6:21 AM

Dear all,

I want to make one windows service which will get data from database at point of sale.( there can be more than one POS) and send it to head quarters database where other windows service will be waiting for data to arrive , as soon as it arrives it will read the data and insert it into central database.

at head office i can make wcf or web service whcih can be used by the POS to send data to head office database directally.

Q1) So please suggest me good book on windows service. I am using sql server 2005 2008 and 2012, os is xp and win 7;32 bit at few places it can be 64 bit.

Q2) is there any problem can come in the way i am

transferring data please tel me about alternative if any .

(i do not want to use msmq and database technology)

yours sincerely

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