Pls help with these below question (ASP.NET)

India Programmer

India Programmer

Feb 22 2010 5:23 AM
Hi all,
Pls somebody answer the following question.
Q1. Suppose there is many lines of code in try block, and there is error in first line only..then that error will be caught by catch block, then the control will go in finally block. Finally error message will be printed in screen. This is normally happen, but since there is no error second line onwards in try block, so in spite of having error in first line all the code should be executed at a time i mean after throwing first line error execution should not stop.  how can i do this pls help me with code....

Q2. There is no try catch finally or any exception handling block of code... still application throw an error. Who and how it throws???

Q3. How server got to know the request is coming from which address or how its checking the request address is valid or invalid?? For example while we are typing www.google.com or www.yahoo.com, how google server or yahoo server will confirm that the request is for www.google.com or for www.yahoo.com

Q4.By default how many viewstate object is created in asp.net 2.0???

Q5. Application state variable is used to used to store the values of each user details and their session. If i am admin of my website and want to see last one month how many user total has logged in to my website, i can get get from application variable?? Bot how how can i do this pls help me with code...

Q6.If interviewer ask how did you manage session in your project. What is the best to way say this answer???? Suppose i am storing the session in inproc, cookiless=false


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