Question on GAC and C#

India Programmer

India Programmer

Jan 19 2010 12:34 AM
Hi all,
I have few question in C#. and .net frame work which was being asked in interview...
1. Suppose I have created public assembly and kept in GAC with strong name key....While client accessing this assembly, is client also required to have strong key names to access this assembly. To be more descriptive....Suppose i have created a DLL and kept it GAC with Strong names...and multiple client using this DLL...Does all the client also should have strong key to access that DLL???

2. Suppose there are there tier say...T1....T2...and T3. And there are error in T2. What are the step to fix this error thru debugging????

3. How to know there is memory leak in the application and how to solve this????

4. While compiling the .net application what are the output we get??? I said DLL file..managecode....he said apart from this what else????

Pls answer the above questions...i would be really appreciated..Thanks in advance.