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Require Book/Link Which Covers following topics

Jul 16 2015 4:55 AM
Please Provide me Book or Link which Covers Following Topics:
a. HTML Page design using DIV based layout (no tables)
b. META Tags
c. Viewport
d. HTML5 Page design using &lt;header>, <footer>, <article>, <section> and <div>
2. CSS
a. Styling of elements using CSS
b. CSS properties – float, align, background, margin, padding, position, width, height
c. Pseudo classes
d. How to override CSS properties
e. Inline, embedded and external CSS
3. JavaScript
a. DOM Manipulation
i. Change content of the DIV based on some event
ii. Populate data inside a DIV using AJAX
iii. Show/Hide Elements
b. Event handlers
c. Timer functions – setTimeOut, setTimeInterval
d. AJAX and JSON
e. Cookies management
f. Debugging using Browser Console
g. JavaScript/CSS minification
Please suggest me link for the topics which are in bold letters.(Link/Book should cover Bold Marked Topics Mandatory.) Please reply asap.

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