Running Quartz.net jobs from database table dynamically

Aung Chan Myae

Aung Chan Myae

Nov 24 2014 1:47 AM


I'm using Quartz.net to create the scheduled jobs running in the background. So far I can manage to run the jobs from program where I manually add the jobs in the source codes. In fact, what I really need is to run the multiple jobs from the oracle database whereby my JOBS_TBL database table stores all the necessary jobs with various preferences(jobcode, jobname, CRONexpression, etc).

I understand that JobStore feature can be used to store the data in the database but we can't store the jobs details permanently and update the jobs dynamically. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Now my question is how can I run the multiple jobs from my JOBS_TBL table that will be changing the trigger timing(CRON expression) occasionally and dynamically? Which kinds of methods or ways I should use? By the way, I'm using my own windows service and getting the jobs from database.


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