Table design with required PK and FK

Shreyas Tg

Shreyas Tg

Sep 24 2015 2:45 AM

I have the following requirements shown below.

  1. There are various departments in the municipality. These are administration, water, health, revenue, education, etc. There exists an officer called “Dispatching Clerk” in the Administration department. Other departments consist of caseworkers.
  2. An applicant submits a written application to the municipality regarding his requirement like, issuance of NOC certificate, issuance of building license, clearing the drainage, etc.
  3. The dispatching clerk sorts out the submitted applications day wise and submit them to the concerned caseworker.
  4. The concerned department official accepts the application and verifies the issue, writes down his narration regarding the application. If the issue is clarified, he submits it to the Commissioner for the last signature. If the application requires further clarification from any other department, he submits the application to that concerned department.

What i require is the proper table design with relationships(PK and FK). Aprreciate your help.

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