Use C# and WPF to add new record to mdb

Russell Sharp

Russell Sharp

Apr 25 2012 4:27 PM
I am developing a WPF application to interact with an MS Access mdb file.

When I open the application, I have a datagrid which initially includes all records from a table of events.  It displays enough field values from the mdb to uniquely identify each of the records.

When I click on a record to select it, the list in the datagrid is reduced to just the records sharing the same event date.

When I select one of these records, the chosen record is displayed in greater detail within a frame elsewhere in the window.

My most recent accomplishment was to programmatically close the window.

Now that the capability to navigate existing records and select a record has been accomplished, I need to be able to add the following capabilities:
> Edit and save existing records
> Delete existing records
> Enter field values for a new record
> Add a new record containing these values

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