What should I Do to Make Career in database field

Pankaj  Kumar Choudhary

Pankaj Kumar Choudhary

Sep 25 2015 8:51 AM

Hello Friends! I want a very vital advise from You. In current time i am in 4th Year of B.Tech and My B.tech will be complete in May 2016. Many companies come in our college. Till now i have been selected in two companies and also received the Job Letters from these companies. But i didn't send any confirmation for Job. Because all companies that come into our college , select me for software or web development. I have knowledge of both field .

I have knowledge of many technology like Asp.net , Mvc , Python , Windows Development, Android .

But i don't want to make my career in these technologies . My field of interest is Database.

I have knowledge of Sql Server, Oracle , MongoDB databases.

But any company doesn't come into our college to hire student for Database.

I want to make my career in “Big Data” field and for this I want to learn “Hadoop”. But I live in Alwar city, it is not a big city. There is not any coaching or company that provide any course for “Hadoop”.

If I want to learn Hadoop then I have two choice either I go to Jaipur or Delhi. And this is not possible in current year. This is only possible after completion of B.Tech that I go to Delhi/Jaipur and learn Hadoop.

If I want to learn Hadoop after B.tech then I have two choice

1.    First Do a job and learn Hadoop simultaneously with Job. But I don’t know that it is possible or not. I mean it may be possible that after job schedule no time left to learn the Hadoop.

2.   Second choice is I give a gap of One Year and learn Haddop. But this gap of one Year may be become a negative point in my resume.

I also searched job for Big Data, MongoDB, Hadoop all company want a person that have experience of at least 2 or 3 year. What can I do for this????

So Please consider all above point and suggest me what should I do. Please take it serious because this is related to me career.

Thanks in Advance…..

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