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Worried about losing touch in .Net

May 20 2014 4:47 AM
Hi Everybody,
I have 2.6 yrs of total experience. I have been working in .Net technologies so far such as WPF,WCF,ASP.NET,C#,SQL,MVC,JQuery.
But now i have been forced to shift my technology to something else by my company.
Now i am worried about losing touch in .Net and also i have a few questions.Kindly guide me.

1.How do i keep in touch with .Net technology?
2.Are there any Open/Live projects available at any site/forum i can work upon?
3.Will it be a problem when i switch to other company and tell them that for past few months i have not been working on .net?
4.Also how can i enhance my skillset in .net technologies?

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