WPF CRUD using Entity Framework and Combo Boxes

Sam Hobbs

Sam Hobbs

Mar 20 2015 10:11 PM
I have a SQL Server table with some associated tables. I need to be able to do CRUD using Entity Framework with the main table in a WPF DataGrid with Combo Boxes for the fields that are associated with another table. This is a very simple program so I do not want to use MVVM with it, maybe later.

So let us say I want a program similar to what is described in ComboBox in DataGrid in WPF, except the data is in a SQL Server table that I want to use Entity Framework with. I have found Entity Framework Databinding with WPF, but it is a little confusing, it attempts to say too much.

We can use the following entity design for the purposes of this discussion:
I need for the Status Name and User Name to be shown in Combo Boxes in a DataGrid for Tickers instead of StatusId and UserId.

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