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By Suthish Nair Oct 29 2010
We are getting so much duplicate posts from last couple of days. for example, below link: by viewing you can see which post he had accepted as answer... :-) *** This happened because he have no option to accept his own post as answer. Then what will be the second forum post status? Avoid Duplicate Forums - my ideas ----------------------------------- 1. We can handle this situation on New Topic (Ask a question) section itself. List the forum titles (auto complete) according to the user login or the other way on Subject Text Box key-in. So the user can easily select from the list available or add a new one. 2. Also, at the same time it will be good for the user to show his pending forums on this page itself other than on My Account section. This will help the user to view his/her already pending forum posts, might will not submit the duplicates again. 3. Or some kind of "KICK this Forum Post" button will trigger the post to the top forum list again.

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