Sanjeev Vishwakarma
How can we embed Audio in HTML 5?
By Sanjeev Vishwakarma in HTML 5 on Dec 30 2017
  • Sanjeev Vishwakarma
    Dec, 2017 30

    HTML 5 comes with a standard way of embedding audio files as previously we don’t have any such support on a web page. Supported audio formats are as follows: MP3 Wav Ogg. Syntax: Description: src value can be relative as well as absolute URL. We can also use multiple elements pointing to different audio files. controls – it adds controls such as volume, play and pause. autoplay – it’s a boolean value which specifies that audio will start playing once it’s ready. loop – it’s also a boolean value which specifies looping (means it automatically start playing after it ends). preload – auto, metadata and none are the possible values for this attribute. auto means plays as it loaded. metadata displays audio file’s associated data none means not pre-loaded.

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