C# Corner Year 2017 In Review

Let us have a look at the achievements of C# Corner in the year 2017.

Welcome to 2018! We had a great last year and hope you did as well. Another year has passed with some life-changing experiences to share with you. The C# Corner community had an outstanding year, in terms of growth, new registrations, popularity, and reach. All in all, we can say that we feel more content as the year has passed. The credit for all this success goes to all of our contributors, authors, chapter leaders, visitors, and helpers who have shown their support by giving their valuable time to us and helping us grow this community.
Via this document, I will recall the journey of C# Corner community in the past year and will talk about the milestones we reached during this adventure. 
The C# Corner Website
Last year, the C# Corner website went through some really good stuff. A lot of new features and a number of new learning categories were introduced. Not only this, the mobile apps of C# Corner gained a lot this year. Let’s have a look at these, one by one –
New Look and New Features
The C# Corner web portal got a new look with more user-friendly and mobile responsive design. Many of the pages were redesigned with added functionality to offer the readers more information at a single place. In February, we launched the User Stories section to enable the readers to share their C# Corner experience with the world. Amazingly, it got a positive response from the members and a large number of stories were posted by the happy learners.
We want to make C# Corner a paradise for learners. As part of this effort, we launched the Learn section for curious beginners willing to start learning new programming languages and technologies. There, we offer a series tutorials from very beginning to the advanced level. As of now, we have covered 13 technologies, including .NET Core, Cloud, Python, HTML5, Node.js, Oracle, Xamarin etc. We are working on adding more languages and more tutorials in future.
Being a public community, C# Corner keeps a tab on what our members want from us. The Ideas section is a great way, in this respect, that lets the users share their suggestions to improve the community. In 2017, we selected more than 20 ideas and started working around them. Some of these ideas are already implemented while we are working on some and we hope you will see them soon, hopefully by the C# corner Annual Conference 2018. Which reminds me to tell you that the heavy discount on ticket booking is ON for a limited period.
You can register for the conference at http://conference.c-sharpcorner.com.
New Categories
As a most preferred learning platform, C# Corner always tries to keep moving forward and bring out the best for the learners. In this row, we launched 47 new categories on the high-in-demand and bleeding-edge technologies, including – X-Sharp, Angular, Quantum Computing, Ruby on Rails, Q# etc. As the technology advances, you will see more categories added in coming months.
C# Corner Mobile Apps
In the year 2017, we set a new milestone by launching the C# Corner Mobile app for the three most famous mobile platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, and Windows. The C# Corner Android app was initially launched in 2016 but we kept adding all new cool features to it throughout the year. On the other hand, the C# Corner UWP app and C# Corner iOS app were launched this year only. We believe this step of us has brought users more convenience to learning from C# Corner.
The Content
C# Corner is all about contribution and readers getting benefits from that content. This year, we worked very hard and broke all the records of publishing the content. Here is an overview.
We maintain the quality of the content published on the C# Corner portal. This is why we are growing day by day with more members joining the community and more content being published to help the readers learn and do more. 2017 had been great for us in this respect. We attracted around 25% more traffic than the previous year.
In 2017, the total number of visitors was 49.7 million, out of which, 19,011,641 (19.01 million) were unique visitors, i.e., who landed on the C# Corner portal for the first time. With over 6.3 million page views per month, we broke our previous year record of 5.2 million views/month.
We have been in existence for around 19 years now and quite perfectly know the importance of good content, especially, for technical learning. The high quality of a piece of information is necessary to bring out great value out of it. All the content published on C# Corner goes through a rigorous editorial process and filtration. Still, we kept pace with the fast-moving world and published 30% more content than the previous year while maintaining the high quality and a high readership value in each publication.
If we talk about figures, we published 4,763 articles, 1,845 blogs, more than 327 learning videos, and 239 valuable links, all submitted by our very learned authors and members and based on the latest technologies. The C# Corner Editorial team put a great effort in covering all the latest news from the technology world. We published over 560 technical news articles covering all the big announcements and the big events of the year. Interestingly, C# Corner has become the most favored technical forum for the technologists. In 2017, we processed more than 33,647 forum posts to resolve the queries of curious learners.
The Reach
 In 2017, C# Corner made new records of popularity. The website achieved a worldwide Alexa Rank of 3694. Have a look!
Source: alexa.com 
We touched the lives of IT professionals from every continent in the world. Here are the stats - 
C# Corner works on the philosophy of "Sharing is Caring!" Since we care for the members of our community, we keep them posted with the latest information of the activities going on in the community. Various social media platforms along with the C# Corner Community website are used to let our followers know of all the latest content published, of the latest announcements, of all the events happening under the banner of C# Corner, of all the news and current affairs around the tech world. Let's have a look at our achievements in this regard.
Since the inception of C# Corner, the community is expanding exponentially. People from all walks of the IT industry are joining us regularly and we have built a huge family in this short span. On January 1, 2017, we had 2.24 million registered members on the C# Corner portal. We are proud to say that we got 158,313 new registrations in this year that makes the membership count to over 2.4 million in January 2018. We hope this number will expand this year also.
Social Media 
This is the impact of restless efforts of our social media team and obviously our loving and caring audience that we set a new record in the social media traffic on our various social media channels.
The number of Twitter followers has increased 30% in this last year. On January 1, 2017, the number of followers was 82.7 K, this January, i.e., 2018, we have 104.2 K followers, that is a whopping 27% increase. We saw a similar hike on FB also. The Facebook followers of C# Corner are over 1.25 million as of today. This year we posted around 10,000 posts on the Facebook and gained a highly positive response in the form of likes, comments, and shares.
This year, we started our Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus channels also for sharing and caring for more people and a larger audience. Surprisingly, we received a great response on these channels from our community members.  Well, it is a great feeling for us to touch so many lives for a noble cause of sharing and spreading the technology with those who want to learn and make a career in the IT world.
The Events
C# Corner is a community of developers to help fellow developers and to learn from fellow developers so as to spread the technology worldwide. And, we aim to leave no stone unturned. In this effort of sharing knowledge, we organize free events, workshops, webinars, and meetings throughout the year. The year 2017 has been great in this respect and achieved a lot to be proud about.
C# Corner Chapters
C# Corner Chapters are such a medium that provides a platform to the developers, technologists, industry leaders, speakers, and curious learners to meet, learn, share, and connect with the fellow developers nearby their location (in most cases, within their city). This year, we added 6 new chapters to our list - Surat Chapter, Indore Chapter, Vadodara Chapter, Kerala Chapter, Gurgaon Chapter, and Bengaluru Chapter. Now, the total number of C# Corner Chapters has reached 32 worldwide and 20 in India. All 32 Chapters remained active throughout the year and organized a total of 108 Chapter meetings in their respective region.
We take care of those learners also who can’t reach the Chapter meetings physically because of busy schedules or distance or any other reason. For them, we organized 66 webinars where participants can virtually connect to the community to share and learn.
Developers Conference
In 2017, the mega event of C# Corner Community, the Annual Developers Conference took place on April 7 - 9, 2017 at the Leela Ambience Convention hotel, New Delhi. More than 1200 people participated in the event and learned a lot from top industry experts in back-to-back learning sessions. Here is a glimpse of the event –
Apart from the renowned Annual Developer Conference, we organized three more big conferences – Xamarin Developers Conference in Noida on March 18, 2017; Cloud and Future of Tech Conference in Mathura on April 7, 2017; and Chandigarh Developers conference in Chandigarh city on October 28, 2017.
The Leadership
Good leadership is an important aspect of a great community. Great leaders make a community more powerful and life worth living. We at C# Corner, keep trying to bring more power to the community that can benefit all the members and help us make it an exceptional platform to learn, share, and communicate the technology.
In 2017, we welcomed some renowned industry leaders to the community portal in order for them to share their knowledge and experience with us. A number of featured columnists were announced this year, such as – Rion Williams, Lou Trolio, Tim Yocum, Naveen Sharma, and Chris Love; all of whom are the masters of their field.
We at C# Corner, are thankful to the people who regularly share their knowledge and help others to learn more and more with ease and with perfection. We appreciate the contribution of our members by awarding them the C# Corner Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status.

Each year, we select a large number of MVPs based on the quality, quantity, and the added value of their contribution. In 2017 also, we picked 131 top contributors as C# Corner MVPs. Check out the latest MVPs announcement here.
Microsoft MVPs
Also, we are proud to be a community of globally recognized developers and authors sharing their experience and knowledge. C# Corner has become home to more than 130 Microsoft MVPs in varying technologies. Not only this, the contribution of many of the C# Corner authors is deemed by the IT giant, Microsoft worth-accolade and the company has awarded them the MVP status. We hope this number will go up in 2018 and the coming years also.
We strive for being the best developer community in the whole world and work hard to achieve this goal year-by-year. We believe that this race of ours to meet excellence will continue in 2018 also. You will see some more fruitful achievements of the community this year. We have started planning for this already. Just check out the New Year’s Resolution of C# Corner due tomorrow.