Founder & Editorial Director

Mahesh is an architect, consultant, and author, and the founder of C# Corner. He has published half a dozen books, hundreds of articles, and thousand of code snippets in .NET and C#. Mahesh's background includes Master's in Computer Science and Batchelor’s degree in Mathematics. Currently he is busy exploring Windows Longhorn and XAML.

Editorial Director & Author

Mike is a Software Consultant and President of Microgold Software, a maker of the UML Tool WithClass and a licensed VBA Partner with Microsoft as well as a Tool's Partner of Borland International. He has been programming Visual C++ for 15 years and has recently consulted for Chase Manhattan Bank and Merrill Lynch. He has a Masters and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. Hobbies: volleyball, skiing, rollerblading, bicycling, and world travel. Site Activities: Marketing, advisor and authoring

Web Manager & Senior Editor

Sundar has over 7 years of experience as a Business Analyst. He holds Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Economics. He takes care of new web development, publishing and marketing in Indian subcontinent. He is also responsible for editing and publishing new contents.

Product Manager & Senior Editor

Praveen has over 12 years of IT industry experience with Microsoft technologies. He holds Masters degree in Computer Science and Applications and Batchelor’s degree in Mathematics. He is responsible for content publishing, product development, and migration of existing contents. He is also responsible for hiring new team members and managing the existing team.

C# Corner Team