Couchbase Mobile 1.5 Now Generally Available

The makers of renowned NoSQL database Couchbase Server have announced the general availability of Couchbase Mobile 1.5.

Along with several bugfixes, the new version accommodates some really useful new features. As the company states in a blog post,

"In this release, the metadata created by the Sync Gateway, to facilitate replication between occasionally connected or disconnected edge devices and Cloud, is abstracted from applications reading and writing data directly to Couchbase Server. A document created by a web app via the Couchbase SDK will be automatically replicated to the mobile clients through Sync Gateway, and vice versa."


“This release adds support for a secure connection between Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server. The “couchbases://” protocol is used for communication between Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server over SSL.

Also, the revs_limit, which is the maximum depth to which a document’s revision tree can grow, cannot be set lower than 20.”

Read the release notes for full details and the complete list of changes and enhancements. 

You can download Couchbase Mobile 1.5 from here

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