SQL Language
This section describes SQL statements and syntaxes.


  • Cursor In SQL Server

    This article describes cursors, declaration of cursors, opening of cursors, fetching from cursors, closing of cursors and deallocating cursors.
  • T-SQL - Retrieve Task Hierarchy In Project Server

    In this article, we will show how to get the Task Hierarchy for a Specific Project in Project Server Database using SQL
  • Row_Number Function With PARTITION BY Clause In SQL Server

    In this blog, You will see Row_Number function without Partition By or with Partition By clause.
  • Call Stored Procedure From Entity Framework

    In this article, I will demonstrate how can we call stored procedure from entity framework? There are many different way to call stored procedure from entity framework.
  • How To Find A Doctor Near Your Home in SQL Server

    How to use a database to find nearby locations. The geography data type and associated SQL Server functions can be used to calculate distances and search for nearby locations.
  • Triggers in SQL Server

    This article explains triggers in SQL Server. A trigger is a special kind of Stored Procedure or stored program that is automatically fired or executed when some event (insert, delete and update) o...
  • View in SQL Server

    In this article, I describe Views in SQL Server. Views are database objects which are like virtual tables that have no physical storage and contains data from one table or multiple tables.
  • Triggers in Sql Server

    In this article I describe triggers. A Trigger is a Database object just like a stored procedure or we can say it is a special kind of Stored Procedure which fires when an event occurs in a database.
  • SQL Executer

    Here you will see how to use SQL Executer. The article is written for beginners, the methods to communicate with database are kept simple.
  • Select, Insert, Update, Delete Using Stored Procedure in SQL Server 2008

    Here, we will see how to create select, insert, update, delete statements using stored procedure.
  • Types Of SQL Statements With Examples

    In this blog, you will learn about the basic types of SQL statements with examples.
  • Triggers in SQL Server

    This blog shows us, how to create a trigger in SQL Server for the beginner level.
  • Get Day of Week in SQL Server

    In this blog we learn how get day name of week for given date.
  • How to find Nth highest and lowest salary in SQL

    How to find Nth highest and lowest salary in SQL.
  • SQL Injection In Dynamic SQL

    In this article you will learn about SQL Injection in Dynamic SQL.
  • User Defined Function in SQL

    In this blog we learn basic functions of SQL.
  • Top Keyword in SQL

    This blog is about the Top keyword in SQL and it's use.
  • Basic SQL Queries Book Available Now

    Today, we are pleased to announce one more ebook to the collection of C# Corner free books library, Basic SQL Queries. Basic SQL Queries book is written by C# Corner authors Kamal Rawat & Akshay Pa...
  • Debug LINQ Easily - Execute LINQ Queries at Design-time with LINQ Insight

    Devart presents LINQ Insight - a powerful Visual Studio add-in which allows developers to execute LINQ queries right from the code at design time, thus making creating and debugging LINQ queries mu...
  • Devart Released dbForge SQL Complete 5.0

    Devart released a new version of dbForge SQL Complete with SQL Refactoring, Code Highlighting and other new features.
  • SQL For Beginners - WHERE Clause

    This article will help you to learn the WHERE clause and expressions used with it.
  • DataTableAdapter Design Technique Using DataSet

    In this article you will learn DataTableAdapter Design Technique using DataSet.
  • SQL For Beginners - SELECT Statement

    This article will help you to learn about SELECT Statement in SQL.
  • SQL For Beginners - Introduction

    This article will help you to learn SQL from scratch.
  • Types Of Keys In Database

    In this article you will learn about different types of keys in database.
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